Logbook Servicing

When you buy a new vehicle, Nissan or not, it will come with a warranty that protects you from certain expenses early in the vehicle’s life. To keep this warranty in place for as long as possible, you’re expected to bring your new vehicle to a reputable workshop for regular servicing.

We provide logbook servicing for all manner of petrol, diesel and LPG powered vehicles. You’ll leave our care with advance warning of any mechanical faults developing in your vehicle, and the peace of mind of an intact warranty.

Brake Repairs

Your vehicle’s brakes are the most important safety feature you have on the road, often making the difference between a safe stop and a trip to the panel beaters.

We provide a complete service for your vehicle’s brakes, from replacing worn and tired brake pads, discs and drums to repairing brake pedals and hydraulics, as well as surface restorations to get the most out of your stock brake components.

Steering & Suspension

Problems with handling and ride comfort can often be traced back to wear and tear in your vehicle’s steering or suspension systems, whether it’s play in the steering wheel or body roll when going around corners.

We can provide a range of services to help get your vehicle back under control on the road, from replacement shocks, springs and bushing to servicing and repairs for your power steering.

Clutch & Transmission

Your vehicle’s transmission is an intricate piece of engineering. Problems with it can very quickly spiral out of control if not found and repaired quickly. If you’re having trouble finding gears when on the road, it’s best to have your vehicle checked out for transmission problems sooner rather than later.

We can service most manual and automatic transmissions, as well as source replacement units. We’ll also conduct repairs on your vehicle’s differential and CV joints, ensuring efficient and even distribution of power to your wheels with minimal loss of control.

Radiator & Cooling

An overheating engine can very quickly become a serious problem for your vehicle, leading to a breakdown that could leave your vehicle stranded. If you think your vehicle’s overheating, arrange for one of our team to check your vehicle’s cooling system as soon as possible.

We can provide repairs and replacement of faulty radiator units, thermostats and head gaskets. We have access to a variety of different types of radiators to suit different requirements for many vehicles through our network of suppliers, whether your vehicle is used for high speed towing or low speed city operations.

Diagnostics & Auto Electrical

With vehicles becoming more and more sophisticated, it takes a dedicated auto electrician to keep up with the latest in electrical repair techniques and equipment.

We can provide a range of electrical services for your vehicle, from diagnostic scans to help us expedite repairs to testing and replacing of batteries, alternators and starter motors. We can also fit a range of accessories, including solar panels and dual battery systems.

Other Services

We can provide customers a range of additional services, including:

  • Caravan and trailer repairs
  • Supply and fitting of tyres for passenger cars and 4WDs
  • Exhaust replacement and upgrades
  • Courtesy cars (subject to availability)
  • And much more